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As most of you remember, we were making progress on blockchain voting through CryptoVoter and were ready to vote on a new name for Bitcoin-sCrypt (Blockchain Vote #4).  We were making progress, that is, until ex-BTCS developer Omega6/CaptChadd interjected that he would ignore any successful name change vote by the community and would continue the Bitcoin-sCrypt forums and coin wallet under the old name regardless of how the community voted.  In response, we halted blockchain voting until we could try to resolve any conflicts between the BTCS community and this ex-BTCS developer.

Since then, we have reached out to Omega6/CaptChadd to try to move forward and have not received any responses.  We even offered options to allow him to help with development moving forward but have been completely ignored.  To be perfectly honest, we’re not sure if he’s dead, in jail, or just actively ignoring the BTCS community, again.  In any case, his uncompromising control of the official website (while refusing to update it) and his stated intention to disregard any blockchain vote to change Bitcoin-sCrypt’s name has been detrimental to the growth and adoption of Bitcoin-sCrypt.

While we hope that Omega6/CaptChadd might one-day reasonably respond, history has taught us to expect nothing but continued resistance and unresponsiveness on his part.  After several months of trying to start negotiations with him, we have decided that we must deal with the reality that this disgruntled ex-developer’s will continue to interfere with BTCS.  Even though we’re cautiously optimistic that Omega6/CaptChadd might one day want to start working with the community again, we realize that any continued reliance on an ex-developer like Omega6/CaptChadd is fool-hearty and will only lead to disappointment and heartache.

Accordingly, in response to the above we have been speaking with other stakeholders in the crypto-community to explore options on moving forward with blockchain voting (e.g., startup accelerators, developers, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc…), while continuing to maintain the BTCS client and blockchain in the interim.

To conclude, we just wanted to share the latest news and let the community know that, one way or another, we will get past the Omega6/CaptChadd issue and that Bitcoin-sCrypt will rise again.

As always, we welcome the community’s thoughts on the matter.

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