Decentralizing Development through Democratization

Our proposed Roadmap for community-driven development through Vanity Voting is only a click away...


Bringing Bitcoin Mining Back to the Community

Bitcoin sCrypt is the sCrypt-lite alternative to Bitcoin SHA256 designed to bring bitcoin mining back to the community by remaining ASIC-resistant & GPU-friendly, allowing anybody to once-again mine Bitcoins.

The Threat of Mining Centralization

As ASIC’s get smaller and more expensive, only capital-rich entities will have the means to afford mining, inevitably resulting in the concentration of mining power which poses a significant danger to the block-chain because it reduces the barriers for governments to control 51% of the network and compel changes to the protocol.

Decentralized Mining

Bitcoin sCrypt mining is GPU-friendly and ASIC-resistant and is committed to staying that way.

Decentalized Transactions

Bitcoin sCrypt utilizes the secure bitcoin protocol to engage in encrypted peer-to-peer cross-border transactions that eliminate the need of centralized servers.

Decentralized Development

Bitcoin sCrypt embraces community-driven development by using a proof-of-stake block-chain voting system to empower the community in driving development.