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August 24, 2015 No Comments

Cryptovoter Launch Teaser

The time has finally come for shareholder-style blockchain voting. First, we plan on officially announcing the September 14, 2015 launch of decentralized blockchain voting for Bitcoin sCrypt next Monday, August 31, 2105. We are giving the Bitcoin sCrypt community a one week heads up before we make the larger announcement to the greater cryptocoin community […]

August 1, 2015 No Comments

Decentralizing Development through Blockchain Voting

Whether you call it decentralizing development, community-driven development or democratizing development, the result is the same: putting development into the hands of the community and moving it away from centralized developers. With that in mind, I have designed a novel, decentralized voting system which allows anyone in the community to propose ideas for development, vote […]

July 8, 2015 No Comments

Pre-Launch Announcement

After over one year of development and testing, we are excited to finally announce the official launch date to decentralize development of Bitcoin-sCrypt through block-chain voting: September 14, 2015. We chose a date after the summer and labor day holidays to maximize┬ámarketing exposure. This pre-launch announcement is directed to the Bitcoin-sCrypt community that has been […]