Weekly Monday Referendum Roundup Update


Welcome to your weekly Monday Referendum Roundup Update for the Bitcoin sCrypt project to democratize development through Block-chain Voting.  

A couple of weeks ago we introduced our road-map for the Bitcoin sCrypt Block-chain Voting system and our post garnered way more interest than anticipated, and that’s an understatement.   After some thoughtful, and thought-out, discussions with the community, the following changes are to be implemented going forward:

  1. NEW VOTING SUB-FORUM – Creation of a Block-chain Voting sub-forum on Cryptocointalk to organize the discussion of decentralized voting and crypto-currency democratization.
  2. UPDATE DIFFICULTY ALGO – Update the difficulty re-targeting algorithm to make it less volatile and lower the probability of getting stuck at high-difficulty blocks when high hash-rates join, attack or leave the network.
  3. MOVE VOTING START DATE – Push back the tentative start of the voting system a week or so to prioritize changing the difficulty re-targeting algorithm (since the voting block-height deadline is somewhat dependent on knowing when a future block is supposed to be discovered).
  4. REGULAR WEEKLY UPDATES – Provide weekly updates every Monday concerning Bitcoin sCrypt’s Block-chain voting system through regular posts known as the Monday Referendum Roundup aka Monday R&R, tentatively scheduled to be published at 6am EST every Monday.
  5. CLIENT UPDATES – Look into providing additional functionality updates to the client.

We believe that the jump in interest of Bitcoin sCrypt after we published our Roadmap to Decentalization on March 17, 2014, is just a taste of things to come and, as a result, have been working hard on anticipating and resolving issues related to scaling up the network.

Thanks for your interest and support and  we look forward to the weeks to come.





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