Decentralizing Development through Block-chain Voting



We will begin the implementation of our mission to decentralize the development of Bitcoin sCrypt through Block-chain Voting with our first set of Housekeeping votes.  This is a historic first for a crypto-currency to democratize development through use of a decentralized block-chain voting system.

With that, please find our proposed initial voting framework for the weeks to come.


Initial Voting Framework

Next Monday, we will announce our first Housekeeping vote to decide the fate of our logo, with the remaining Housekeeping votes following after.  

This first voting question, the corresponding answer choices and the block-height voting deadline will be announced on Monday (March 31, 2014), with the voting deadline tentatively scheduled for the second Friday after the announcement (April 11, 2014).   If the vote fails to get more than 50% of submitted votes, then the top two choices will have a run-off scheduled for the Sunday immediately following the Friday vote-deadline (April 13, 2014).

Subsequent votes will follow the same pattern:  Announcement Monday morning with the voting deadline targeted for the second Friday after the announcement, and a run-off, if any, scheduled for the following Sunday.

The order of the remaining Housekeeping votes will be announce on Monday as well.


The Bigger Picture

During this Housekeeping vote period we anticipate interest and participation increasing and believe this period to be the ideal time to discuss some of the larger ramifications of democratizing development.

Specifically, we want to use this period to brainstorm with the community to decide issues relating to deciding long-term voting parameters;  the parameters or necessity of a Constitutional Convention; issues regarding the formation of a Foundation or Guiding Counsel; potential elections;  and direct development vote issues.

Together, we are creating a brand new form of cryptocoin governance by having development community-driven.  As such, we do not plan on rushing this framework because we want to do it right the first time or not do it at all.


During this Housekeeping voting period we will discuss:

  • Creating base Voting Parameters
    • the parameters for the logo contest
    • the procedures for community members to suggest vote topics
    • a process of meta-voting to vote on the item to be voted on next
    • Implementation of instant run-offs vs actual run-offs.
  • Possibility of Creating a Foundation or Guiding Counsel
    • Temporary or Permanent
    • Project-based or term-based
    • Necessity for calling a Constitutional Convention (re: guidelines for creating a permanent Counsel or for calling up and creating project-based Counsels)
    • Terms and rules for elections
    • Majority vs Super-majority vote requirements
  • Direct Vote Discussion
    • List items to be voted
    • Add items to be voted
    • Plan for implementing each set of direct votes (i.e., through project-based counsels, accepting bids, etc…)


This is an exciting time for Bitcoin sCrypt and community-driven development.

Next update scheduled for Monday, March 31, 2014.


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