Monday Referendum Roundup – Difficulty Retargeting Algo Code Added



As promised, Omega6 added the new difficulty retargeting algo changes to a proposed v.1.3.0 of the client source-code this weekend for final community review.   The updated code will be pushed to github in the coming days.

After the community has had a few days to review the proposed new code, binaries for win/linux and mac will be released approximately 1-week before the new difficulty algo is scheduled to be fully implemented via a mandatory hard-fork.  Then, after about a week or so of evaluating the new algo, implementation of the block-chain voting system will finally begin.

More details specifying dates will be released after the community has sufficiently reviewed and approved the proposed code, which should be included in the next Monday R&R or so.

As such, we are in between steps 2.0 and 2.1 of our Revised Roadmap, published two weeks ago, on our journey to decentralize development through block-chain voting.

Bitcoin sCrypt Revised Roadmap to Democratization

  1. Omega6 posts proposed changes to adjust difficulty re-targeting algo for a v.1.3.0 on the forum for community to review.
  2. Community inputs changes into v.1.3.0 before official release of source-code and client.
    1. [WIP] Binaries for win, linux and mac must all be made available because v.1.3.0 will be a hard-fork.
  3. Evaluate difficulty re-targeting algo changes and adjust if necessary.
  4. Announce first set of votes; announce process for voting; announce process for submitting questions to be voted on; and specify venue for debating ideas.
  5. Begin block-chain voting system with housekeeping votes–or other votes as directed by community (i.e., n-Scrypt vs. scrypt-jane; incorporating zerocoin anonymity; etc…) .
  6. Implement vote results; evaluate voting system; and adjust as necessary.
  7. Vote on remaining housekeeping/intro questions and implement as applicable.
  8. Community explores other bigger-picture possibilities to fully utilize decentralized block-chain voting.
    1. Coin Governance
      1. Whether to create and elect a temp/perm guiding counsel or developers counsel
      2. Whether to vote on founding principals through a constitutional convention-type event
      3. Whether to embrace a completely anarchic model
      4. Etc…
    2. Creation and administration of special-purpose funds
      1. Developers funds
      2. Marketing funds
      3. Infrastructure funds
      4. Etc…
    3. Or a combination of the above or something completely different, as per the community.
  9. Vote, Implement, Evaluate and Repeat, as desired.


Detailed explanation of Vanity Voting can be found here.

Instructions for Vanity Voting can be found here.

Vanity Voting Proof-of-Concept Example Referendum can be found here.

Vanity Voting Vote-Explorer can be found here.