Linux Client Released for Bitcoin sCrypt v.1.3.3 – Mandatory Update (Hardfork at 96180)



The Linux client for Bitcoin sCrypt v.1.3.3 has been released and can be found here.

Special thanks to sva_h4cky0!


Remember to update your client to v.1.3.3 because of the hardfork at block 96180.

Additional information regarding the hardfork below…





Mandatory Bitcoin sCrypt client update to v.1.3.3!

Please update v.1.3.3 because we have a hard-fork at block 96180 to implement the community approved algo tweaks.  Older clients will no longer work on the network after block 96180 so this is a mandatory update!

Specifically, the difficulty re-target period has been lowered from 2520 blocks (~3.5 days) to 30 blocks (~60 minute)s in v.1.3.3.

Please update your client to v.1.3.3.


The source-code for v.1.3.3 is on github and can be located here.

The instructions for how to compile a Windows client from the source code using a deterministic gitian build can be found here.


The Windows client installer for Bitcoin sCrypt v.1.3.3  can be downloaded here.

The Windows standalone executable for Bitcoin sCrypt v.1.3.3 can be downloaded here.

The Mac OSX installer can be downloaded here.

The Linux v.1.3.3 client will be available shortly but can still be compiled from source.