Update on Development of Blockchain Voting Client

Quick update on the development of the blockchain voting system.

Personally, I’m more of a doer rather than a talker, but since we haven’t given any updates on the development side while we’ve been watching the new algo take effect, I’ll take Cryptominer’s cue and provide a brief update. ;)

We are nearing completion of a gui client that would cleanly display voting questions and generate vanity voting addresses representing answers for the user in the background so that the end user just needs to point, click and vote without having to have any specialized knowledge of command-line utilities or rpc commands.  We believe that for the block-chain voting to truly resonate with the masses then we need to make it as safe and as idiot-proof as possible so that anybody can securely vote.

We spent some considerable time coming up with a system that would empower the end user by allowing them to also propose their own questions to be voted on so that the community is not dependent on developers to list questions…essentially allowing for insurgency campaigns to contribute to development…truly decentralized development.  It took a bit longer than originally anticipated because the only way to ensure that we did not unintentionally centralize the Bitcoin sCrypt client itself was to create a separate client from scratch that did not itself touch the users’ BTCS coins but did everything else.

Fortunately, we are 65-75% done and will soon begin reaching out to some of the more prominent posters in this forum in the coming weeks for their input concerning the voting client during the alpha-testing phase, followed by more general beta-testing with the community as a whole tentatively a few weeks after that.

A special thanks to Cryptominer for asking about development because it’s so easy for us to keep our heads down working towards the official announcement without taking a moment to appreciate that the community may be looking for an update before that.

Again, we did not announce anything yet because we would rather have a finished product than finished promises but this community deserves an update.

Finally, some you more prominent posters please keep an eye out for a pm from me in the coming weeks requesting your input for the alpha-testing phase, which you are free to decline or do anonymously when the time comes.