Bitcoin sCrypt Exchange and Voting Updates


We wanted to provide a quick update concerning BTCS exchange listings and an update on the development of our decentralized blockchain voting application.

AFOAF reached out to the exchanges that recently de-listed BTCS due to low trading volume and asked whether they would re-list BTCS again if volume and interest increased: two responses were positive and the other was enlightening.

Low Volume

Both Poloniex and C-Cex indicated that they would re-list BTCS if trading volume increased sufficiently.

In light of this, the upcoming release of the decentralized block-chain voting application gives us the perfect opportunity to get re-listed by increasing interest and demand for Bitcoin sCrypt as the first coin to democratize development through block-chain voting.

Coin Code Confusion

Interestingly, however, Mintpal stated that they probably would not re-list BTCS because “[a]long with the low volume, a lot of users got confused by the coin code [BTCS] as it was too similar to BTC.”

I personally know of a few users who sent BTCS to Mintpal’s BTC address and vice-versa.  While the funds were eventually recovered because the wallets are cross-compatible, it created a headache for the exchange so it’s understandable why they would be hesitant to re-list BTCS.

After I took over development from the original coin developer (Omega6), I unilaterally changed the Bitcoin sCrypt AppData directory so that it no longer conflicted with the Bitcoin SHA256 AppData folder and confused users.

Similarly, in response to Mintpal we want to change the coin code in the next client update to eliminate confusion but fought the urge to unilaterally change the coin code this time because of our commitment to shifting coin development decisions from developers to the community through block-chain voting.

As such, we will expand the initial set of housekeeping votes to include a vote on whether to change the coin code from BTCS to something less confusing.    This housekeeping voting item is slated for after our initial vote on whether to change the logo.

Blockchain Voting Update

Finally, we wanted to provide an update regarding our development of the decentralized block-chain voting application.

We have completed Phase 1 of alpha-testing and are beginning internal testing of the voting client for Phase 2, and anticipate expanding Phase 2 to the alpha-testing user base shortly.


Original Whitepaper on decentralizing development through block-chain voting can be found here: