Weekly Update – October 27, 2014


Here is this week’s updates for Bitcoin-sCrypt.

Out of the original 11 programmers, we have narrowed them down to 4 and are just awaiting bids from 2 out of those 4. Once we have those bids, we will choose the final two and have them begin work on the voting client and share their timetables with the community.

Although our longtime pool operator and supporter, cryptominer, has stopped operations, two members from the community stepped up to set up two new mining pools for Bitcoin-sCrypt.

kinebudking – http://www.bitcoin-scrypt.com
seocook – http://cryptobmen.ru

Also, a special thanks goes out to the developer of Bitquark for setting up a temporary pool during the interim. h/t to Bitquark.

Finally, Madtomic set up a quick Bitcoin-sCrypt reference post to help users find important Bitcoin-sCrypt info.