Updates: Voting Client Development, Mining pool and Market Cap Sites


As promised, we wanted to give a quick update on progress on the Development side. Specifically, updates about the voting client development, BTCS mining pool and coin market cap sites.

Voting Client – We have narrowed down our initial set of 11 programmers to 4 and are awaiting a final set of bid estimates from them. We hope to have them in the coming day so we can make our selections and get completion date estimates to share with the community. We plan on hiring 2 programmers to develop separate voting clients to test and will select the best of the two to fully integrate the website with the voting client service. Again, we hope to be able to select this week and get timetables to everyone early next week.

Mining Pool – One of our community members has been working on setting up a new BTCS mining pool and anticipates having it fully operational shortly. He’s already set up an additional BTCS node (, which I have added to the OP. We will update when the pool is ready to go. h/t to Kinebudking.

Coin Market Capitalization Sites – Another community member has begun reaching out to coin market capitalization sites (e.g., coinmarketcap.com) to have BTCS re-listed and they have begun doing so. h/t to Madtomic.

Thanks to the community members who have started our push to have BTCS repeat the trajectory early this year when we first announced the decentralized development through vanity voting project and once we have the timetables to complete the voting client, we plan on putting together an organized push for BTCS.

Keep up the good work everyone. More details to follow.