Weekly Update: November 10, 2014


First off, apologies for not updating last week but we had quite a few bits of news that we were hoping to be ready to publish last week but they weren’t so we didn’t want to update with a non-update or with promises of things not yet completed.

On that note, we are excited to announce that we are finalizing the hiring of the outside programmers for voting client development and have been busy executing related legal agreements (e.g., NDA/Non-competes; IP Assignments; Formation docs; website transfers; and other related agreements) and have a final conference call with one of the programmers this week.

As such, we are very confident that next week’s update will officially confirm the hirings, provide info on the contractors and provide info on their estimated timetables.

Then, after the programmers have begun work, we will begin working on a coordinated marketing push to, hopefully, replicate the same interest in BitcoinScrypt that we had after we released the initial Road Map to Decentralized Development back in March of this year.

So until next week…