Voting Client Complete

We are happy to announce that development of the decentralized blockchain voting client has completed according to schedule.  Voting client functionality has been tested successfully with instructional documentation to be added this week.


As such, we anticipate being able to start alpha-testing the client next week as expected and have already reached out to our alpha-testing group accordingly.


During this alpha-testing period, we plan on working out any bugs we find in the production environment before beginning official implementation of decentralized blockchain voting through a beta-release of the voting client, tentatively scheduled to begin in March of this year.


Additionally, during this alpha-test period we will evaluate and revise the previous released Roadmap to include the addition of any new housekeeping items and/or developmental issues to be voted on.


A special thanks to the Diremar SW Agency for assisting us with this project and we look forward to working with them as the client and concept continues to evolve.