Update for week of February 9, 2015

As promised, alpha-testing of the voting client began this week and alpha-testers were notified and given download links to begin evaluating the client.

Alpha-testing is scheduled to last 3-4 weeks with a test voting question scheduled for each Friday during this alpha-test period.  When alpha-testing is completed and actual voting begins, however, votes will be scheduled for once every two weeks.

Also, during this alpha-test period we will revisit the Roadmap to decentralization and revise it with community input to set a new Roadmap for when decentralized development is officially implemented.   Additionally, during this alpha-test period we will work on getting Bitcoin sCrypt added to more exchanges and work on an organized media push to help spread the word.

Finally, below we have included some screenshots of the alpha-test voting client along with the MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 file hashes of the alpha-test files (for alpha-testers to confirm if necessary).









filename: btcs-voter-setup.v0.8.0.exe
sha256: e709edb193968845bce269a40173e5757d3dedfda0bf709675d43e394b3a5dbe
sha1: 01d4e063ba8e744e830a1507bd9514679398a5d1
md5: 385a1a915d3340eb6cf75abda79f26dc


Linux 32:
filename: btcs-voter-ubuntux32-installer_v0.8.0.zip
sha256: 123a14f15b057f452141f8e803003394b60a28cc77ec57722d8f1cb40e0d8bf3
sha1: 0cba5cea253259affbbc5ef9217cc1c0a3acca1e
md5: 2e208101ccf121a22ee31f75bbbd2b00


Linux 64:
filename: btcs-voter-ubuntux64-installer_v0.8.0.zip
sha256: 84350a3c5aac92e80a51526f6d5eb2e6fcfeb4de337406788377dd6532aeeb35
sha1: c4cb310f5ebf1ead3bbad704495e7470efd4bccb
md5: f902a91a08eef521fbc31edc6f8b97cf