More Exchanges and Alpha-Testing Begins


BTCS has been added to two more exchanges and the voting client alpha-testing is scheduled to begin this week.


More Exchanges

Firstly, BTCS has been added to two more exchanges:

C-CEX Exchange:


C-Cex allows users to exchange fiat for cryptos, making BTCS and cash exchanges easier.

CryptoRush relaunched after last year and, as most of you remember, CryptoRush was the first big exchange that BTCS was listed on when BTCS price exploded after the cryptocoin community first got wind of our plan to decentralize development.  Now that a voting client has finally been developed, we are hopeful of a repeat of last year when we finally implement our plan to decentralized development, which brings us to our second news item.

[hat tip to blbnguyen]


Voting Client Alpha-Testing Begins

Secondly, the voting client has been completed and all internal testing is done.  As per schedule, we will start alpha-testing the client this week and continue testing for the next 3-4 weeks for a target launch of early March 2015, barring no unforeseen technical issues.

Alpha-testers should expect a communication by the end of the week with alpha-test instructions along with links to download the alpha-test client.

Finally, during this alpha-test period we will share our revised Roadmap to Decentralization for community input on what matters are to be voted on initially as housekeeping items and what additional coin features and/or coin governance concepts should be added to the list of items to be voted on.


Thanks for everyone’s support and we look forward to the community’s input in the coming weeks.






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