It’s Time to Start Making Moves…

The latest phase of Alpha-testing went as planned.  As such, the time has come to unveil our plan to officially launch the Bitcoin sCrypt voting client and begin implementation of decentralized block-chain voting to decentralize development of Bitcoin-sCrypt.

Now that the first two phases of alpha-testing are complete, the final remaining phase is testing the client and new website together.  But before outlining our plan to roll out block-chain voting, we wanted to make an important announcement regarding the full scope of our decentralized block-chain voting project.

As most of you know, we don’t have time to keep alpha-testing forever because exchanges (e.g., C-CEX) will de-list Bitcoin-sCrypt if there isn’t sufficient trading volume soon.

But even more importantly (and critically regarding time), we would like to announce that we filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark office last June covering the decentralized blockchain voting concept, which we must perfect with a non-provisional patent application by June of this year.

USPTO Application # 62014246
EFS ID: 19351037
Title of Invention:  Cryptographic Currency Block-chain Based Voting System

By having the decentralized block-chain voting idea protected under international patent law, we will be able to make the voting client source-code publicly available for everyone’s review.  This will allow us to avoid having to worry about the code or concept (and our hard work) being stolen by another coin developer, while at the same time giving end-users piece of mind that the client won’t steal their coins.  We think that making the source-code available for anyone and everyone’s review is a pre-requisite to wider adoption, so we felt that patent protection was the best way to proceed.

That said, time is not on our side so we must complete testing and begin official implementation of blockchain voting by this May, at the latest, so that our IP attorneys can complete the necessary patent claims before our deadline in June.

On that note, for purposes of rolling out the client and blockchain voting ASAP, we will be putting together a “Voting Launch Steering Committee” during this last phase of alpha-testing to organize voting and make a coordinated push to market Bitcoin-sCrypt’s decentralized block-chain voting to the wider cryptocoin community.

Therefore, in furtherance of our goal to get the voting client implemented as soon as possible, this week we will begin putting together this Voting Launch Steering Committee made up of community volunteers to: (i) help organize initial voting; (ii) spread the word to the cryptocoin community; (iii) reach out to cryptocoin news media; (iv) push to get Bitcoin-sCrypt added to exchanges and (v) advise on technical features to be considered added to future versions of Bitcoin-sCrypt.

This Voting Launch Steering Committee will be temporary in nature and will dissolve once our initial goals are met, unless the community votes to continue the Steering Committee’s tenure.

Specifically, the Voting Launch Steering Committee will consist of the following Chairs, made up of volunteers from the Bitcoin-sCrypt community.

  1. Voting Coordinator
  2. Technical Director
  3. Marketing Director
  4. News Media Outreach
  5. Exchange Listings Coordinator
  6. General Cryptocoin Community Outreach

Some of the positions may overlap and later be merged together depending on interest (i.e., Marketing Director and News Media Outreach).

We do  not micro-manage, so Steering Committee members will have the creative freedom to achieve our goals (within reason, of course).  Similarly, we need people who are able to take the initiative on their own and run with it.

Accordingly, if you are interested in volunteering as a member of the Voting Launch Steering Committee and genuinely want to help, send me a PM on Cryptocointalk or an email to  I will also reach out to some of you in the coming days to gauge your interest in participating.

We are on the precipice of releasing the voting client and are excited to finally be able to start making real moves.

Now is the chance for community members to step up to the plate to help make our plans a reality.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and support. and we look forward to the coming weeks ahead.