Details for Final Phase of Alpha-Testing

We have some important announcements regarding the final Phase of Alpha-testing and timetables for the official implementation of decentralized blockchain voting.  Thanks to all the community members who offered to assist with the steering committee.

First, the final Phase of alpha-testing is scheduled for the week of May 18, 2015 (at the latest), with the official launch of decentralized blockchain voting for Bitcoin-sCrypt scheduled for the week of June 8, 2015 (at the latest).  We already tested the voting website in Phase 1 and the voting client in Phase 2 and now will just be testing the two together in this final Phase 3 of the Alpha-testing.

Second, during this final Phase 3 of the Alpha-testing, we will discuss the first houeskeeping items to be voted on, along with the parameters for a logo contest and holding a vote on whether to move to Pure proof-of-stake or a hybrid of POW and POS.

Third, during this final Phase 3 of Alpha-testing we will also come up with a detailed launch plan for the June 8 launch of decentralized blockchain voting.

Finally, also during this final Phase 3 of Alpha-testing, we are excited to finally update and release an updated Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client.

Thanks for everyone’s continued patience and we look forward to finally finishing testing and implementing decentralized development through blockchain voting.