Cryptovoter Launch Teaser

The time has finally come for shareholder-style blockchain voting.

First, we plan on officially announcing the September 14, 2015 launch of decentralized blockchain voting for Bitcoin sCrypt next Monday, August 31, 2105.

We are giving the Bitcoin sCrypt community a one week heads up before we make the larger announcement to the greater cryptocoin community through forums, exchanges, blogs, social media, and news sites.

Second, (for some background context), in preparation for the launch of our decentralized blockchain voting application we formed a corporation called Blockchain Innovation Labs, Inc., and developed the blockchain voting application under the brand “Cryptovoter.”

Also for the launch announcement, we updated development blog, setup the launch countdown site, setup the website and put together a multimedia social media campaign for the coming weeks leading up to the official launch.  Please follow our new twitter account @cryptovoter for our latest content.

Finally, for next week’s launch announcement, we plan on releasing an updated Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client, along with an updated BTCS block-explorer and updated official Bitcoin sCrypt website.

Now the important part.

We want to thank everyone for their past support for us to get to this point, but helping spread the word in the coming weeks is the most important thing you can do to help support us in this launch effort since we began.  Unbelievably, the timing right now might be perfect for us to do just that.

As most of you know, Bitcoin SHA256 is at a major cross-roads right now about whether to increase the maximum block-size per transaction block.  There is a real conflict here in the release of Bitcoin XT between the core devs, the mining pools, and many others, with coinholders taking issue with a handful of core devs unilaterally deciding whether or not to make certain changes.  The timing couldn’t be better for a coin like Bitcoin-sCrypt that used a brand new transparent shareholder-style blockchain voting system to have the stakeholders vote on the issues to give devs a mandate to implement.

So if you want to help, then whenever you read or hear someone mention something about the block-size debate, kindly remind them of the potential of an objectively fair solution being tried through a shareholder-style blockchain voting system. Indeed, it’s time to let them know that Bitcoin-sCrypt is about to make cryptos interesting again…

And don’t forget to follow us on twitter @cryptovoter and visit our updated sites and give us any feedback:


We’re really looking forward to next week’s official announcement.