Decentralizing Development through Blockchain Voting

Whether you call it decentralizing development, community-driven development or democratizing development, the result is the same: putting development into the hands of the community and moving it away from centralized developers.

With that in mind, I have designed a novel, decentralized voting system which allows anyone in the community to propose ideas for development, vote and audit poll results, thereby shifting power from a handful of developers to the community as a whole.

I think the Bitcoin sCrypt community is ideal for this experiment because of the commitment of its users and their interest in improving the Bitcoin protocol. ¬†If we’re successful, we could spread the idea to other cryptocoins and help move the industry as a whole towards decentralized development.

If we, as a community, move forward on this idea one of the first votes could be on officially selecting the logo for Bitcoin sCrypt or even vote on whether to increase the maximum blocksize per transaction.

Subsequent votes could cover issues such as (i) whether to add certain features to the client, (ii) changing the mining algo to remain ASIC-resistent, (iii) changing the difficulty retarget formula to address the wildly ranging fluctuating network hashrate estimates, (iv) adding zerocoin anonymity and/or (v) deciding other developmental issues.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how this shareholder-style blockchain voting system works and a proof of concept example of it in action.

The official launch date is September 14, 2015.

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