CryptoVoter Launch Announce

We’re finally here!

Today we launched CryptoVoter blockchain voting to begin implementation of decentralized development and the timing looks great.

The new voting hub is up and the redesigned website is up too. Check them out and spread the word.

Also, v.1.4.0 of the BTCS wallet client source code and compile instructions have been released and posted on this forum. Compiled windows binaries of the v.1.4.0 client can be found at the new official Bitcoin-sCrypt website

In the last several weeks people have reached out to me to try to get CryptoVoter setup for Bitcoin-sha256 as well in response to the blocksize debate and potential fork with Bitcoin-Xt=T, so we came up with a plan that we hope could really spread the concept of decentralized development and give a huge boost to BTCS in the process. Check out the voting schedule on to see what I mean.

As such, in furtherance of these goals, we have released the CryptoVoter blockchain voting client source-code under a dual-license structure. AGPLv3 open-source and a separate commercial license for proprietary projects. The voting client source-code and compilation instructions can be found at

Our first BTCS vote is scheduled to end on approximately October 2, 2015. An exact blockheight voting deadline will be announced and pushed to the voting clients several days before the expected vote.

It’s been well over a year since the genesis of this project and we are so happy to be close to the finish line. Now we focus on spreading the word.

It’s time to make cryptos interesting again!