CryptoVoter Announcements – BTC Voting Begins & BTCS Voting Updates

First of all, we are extremely pleased to announce that a dedicated CryptoVoter forum has been created on to discuss CryptoVoter blockchain voting issues as they relate to Cryptocoins, DAC’s and other blockchain-based technologies. Join the conversation at to learn more about decentralized blockchain voting.

Next, the second set of blockchain votes with the Bitcoin-sCrypt altcoin (BTCS) executed flawlessly and we are ready to begin the first set of blockchain votes with the Bitcoin-core (BTC) are ready to begin, as provided below.


Let’s start with the first set of Bitcoin-core blockchain votes on whether to increase the maximum blocksize. This first BTC blockchain vote is an opportunity to showcase CryptoVoter’s ability to measure consensus in decentralized manner using the blockchain and we encourage all interested parties to participate to help the concept grow.

The CryptoVoter-BTC voting client source-code and compile instructions have been released for public review and can be found at:

The first set of Bitcoin-core blockchain votes are slated to officially open up for voting on October 23, 2015 and will remain open until the voting block deadline of BTC block #382250, which should occur on November 6, 2015. Detailed voting instructions will be released when voting begins on October 23, 2015.


Below, please find the latest results for the last Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain vote on whether to change the official coin name. Additionally, please find the voting schedule for the next set of Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain votes through the beginning of 2016.

Latest Bitcoin-sCrypt Blockchain Vote Results – Name Change Vote

After many years, the controversial issue of Bitcoin-sCrypt’s official coin name has finally been put to rest. After a final vote at BTCS block 339500, the community voted to change Bitcoin-sCrypt’s official name with 68% in favor and 32% opposed. As a result, the community will vote on the coin’s new official name as provided below.

Next Set of Bitcoin-sCrypt Blockchain Votes

The next set of Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain votes have been scheduled and can also be found at

BTCS Blockchain Vote 3 [October 30, 2015] | Vote on whether to update the difficulty algo, as per

BTCS Blockchain Vote 4 [November 13, 2015] | Vote on new name for Bitcoin-sCrypt altcoin

BTCS Blockchain Vote 5 [December 11, 2015] | Vote on new coin code to represent new name

BTCS Blockchain Vote 6 [January 8, 2016] | Vote to declare winner of logo replacement contest