First Bitcoin-sCrypt Blockchain Vote – 48 Hour Voting Block Deadline Notice

The voting block deadline for the first CryptoVoter shareholder-style blockchain vote with the Bitcoin-sCrypt altcoin is block 333,333 on the Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain, which will happen in approximately 48-72 hours. As of this writing, the current Bitcoin-sCrypt block is 332,510 so the voting deadline block for the first vote is 823 blocks away and should happen sometime between Oct. 02 and Oct.04, 2015.

The first vote is whether or not to replace the current Bitcoin-sCrypt logo and replace it through a logo contest. This vote was set up as an initial test vote, as it is widely expected that the community will vote to replace the old logo.

We also created an infographic to show how easy it is to vote in just three steps:
(1) Download CryptoVoter-BTCS voting client v.1.10.1
(2) Launch the voting client and cast your vote before Bitcoin-sCrypt voting block deadline 333,333
(3) Wait until block 333,333 has been solved and added to the blockchain before moving your coins
(*) Vote results can be found by using the voting client, the voting website or by searching with a Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain explorer.

Remember, for votes to count users must send coins to their voting address before the voting deadline block 333,333 and keep them there until that block has been solved and added to the blockchain.

We will announce final voting results after voting deadline block 333,333 has been solved, and collect feedback to tweak the second Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain vote scheduled for October 16, 2015, and repeat the process for the first Bitcoin-core blockchain vote scheduled for October 23, 2015.

Thanks and we are excited about holding the first official CryptoVoter shareholder-style blockchain vote to decentralize development by giving users a vote in development issues.