Bitcoin-sCrypt Voting and Development November Announcement

We have two important announcements to make:

  1.  Expansion of Bitcoin-sCrypt development team.
  2. Next set of blockchain votes to rebrand Bitcoin-sCrypt (e.g., new name, new coin code and new logo) have been scheduled.

1. New Addition to Bitcoin-sCrypt Development Team

We are excited to announce that the Bitcoin-sCrypt development team is expanding with the addition of developer Bitquark.  Bitquark was the lead developer of the Bitquark altcoin and has unofficially supported Bitcoin-sCrypt development in the past; most recently, with his work on updating the client source-code to include coin control functionality, which we plan to release after the name change vote.

Bitquark has been a strong supporter of our experiment to decentralize development by having users vote on development issues using the blockchain and we are very happy to have Bitquark on board.

2. Next set of blockchain Votes Scheduled

After discussions with the community, the next set of votes concerning the rebranding of Bitcoin-sCrypt via name and logo change are to be resumed and are scheduled as the next set of blockchain votes on CryptoVoter.

Specifically, Blockchain Vote #4 to decide the new official name of Bitcoin-sCrypt is scheduled to occur on or around December 4, 2015, with the approximate blockheight deadline of block 372,000.

We will be accepting potential names to be added to voting ballot for one week, until Nov. 23, 2015 (approximately 2 weeks before the actual name selection vote).  Potential names can be submitted on our official forum at CryptoCoinTalk on our main thread which can be found here:

Following the name change vote:

  • Blockchain Vote #5 on picking the coin’s new coin code will be scheduled for Friday, Dec. 18, 2015.
  • Blockchain Vote #6 on picking a winner for the coin’s logo contest will be scheduled for late January 2016 to provide enough time for entrants to submit entries.

After the rebranding blockchain votes have completed, the next set of votes will involve issues fundamental to the coin’s mining and development, such as whether to change from pure Proof-of-Work to pure Proof-of-Stake or a hybrid of the two and/or whether to change the mining algorithm from scrypt to keep it more asic resistant.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.