Bitcoin-sCrypt Announces the Launch of its Marketing Campaign and Expansion of the Development Team



Now that the hardfork has successfully completed as planned, we are starting our organized marketing and publicity campaign to announce the Bitcoin-sCrypt revival to the wider crypto-community.

The first part of this campaign will include official press releases to all the major mainstream media and select crypto-media outlets around the world.  Additionally, we are targeting various crypto-related websites with a banner advertisement campaign.

The next part of this campaign will involve expanding our social media outreach on various platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

After these marketing campaigns begin getting traction, we plan to initiate an organized push to get Bitcoin-sCrypt listed on more crypto-exchanges.

Finally, we are excited to announce the addition of three more developers to the Bitcoin-sCrypt team, bringing the total number of developers to five.  A special welcome to Job Joseph, Peter Hoang and Quan Vu.  They will be joining Spidersbox  (Wally Rowe) and Smokeasy (Jim Joseph).

We believe Bitcoin-sCrypt is poised for tremendous growth this year as more and more crypto-knowledgeable users learn about the Bitcoin-sCrypt revival and its mature blockchain.

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