Update: Bitcoin-sCrypt Revival Roadmap



The Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) development team is nearing completion on the move from the current Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to a hybrid Proof-of-Stake system to decentralize mining and mitigate against a successful 51% attack.

In January, we published a Roadmap with timetables for completion of the move to a hybrid Proof-of-Stake system and incorporation of on-board blockchain voting to allow coinholders to vote on development issues.  However, in response to the crypto price crash of March, we pushed back all development and marketing releases for two months.

Now that the summer has arrived, we are pleased to announce that the Hybrid Proof-of-Stake release is scheduled for the month of August this year (2018).

Additionally, we will spend the next months expanding our paid advertising campaign so that we are positioned to maximize our marketing efforts when the hybrid POS system is ready for release.

This summer we also intend on growing our social media followings, including increasing the membership numbers of the Bitcoin-sCrypt Telegram group and the creation of a Bitcoin-sCrypt subreddit on reddit.

Finally, expect to see more regular development blog updates this summer.