Pre-Announce: Release of Bitcoin-sCrypt v.2.0 with Hybrid Proof-of-Stake Mining


After months of development, we are pleased to announce that the Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client v.2.0 with hybrid proof-of-stake will be officially released on Monday, October 22, 2018, with staking functionality enabled starting on block 640,000 (in approximately 5 weeks).

Once staking is enabled, Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) coin holders will be able to stake with their coins in their wallet to help the network confirm transaction blocks and will be paid newly generated coins for helping the network.

The hybrid proof-of-stake consensus algo will work together with the proof-of-work consensus algo to allow coinholders and mining pools to both mine blocks on the Bitcoin-sCrypt network.

Our next announcement will describe how staking works and how users can stake their coins to help mine new blocks. Additionally, we will announce plans re marketing and getting BTCS listed on more exchanges.

The latest Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client v.2.0 is currently available on Github at Windows and MAC clients will be released next Monday, October 22, 2019.

Special thanks to Spidersbox and his team for all their hard work in developing the upgraded client and resolving all the technical issues that got in their way.

Exciting times ahead for Bitcoin-sCrypt!