New Bitcoin sCrypt Wallet Development: Decentralized Messaging and Decentralized Blockchain Voting

We are pleased to announce:

1. Plans for the next phases of Bitcoin sCrypt (BTCS) development: adding decentralized messaging and decentralized voting directly to the BTCS wallet
2. Updates regarding the now defunct Cryptopia exchange; and
3. A community drive to have BTCS listed on new crypto exchanges


The Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) development team is putting together a Roadmap for the next set of technical features to be developed in the wallet client: decentralized messaging and decentralized voting directly through the wallet client.

After its initial release in 2013, the Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) altcoin has worked towards a more decentralized ecosystem with the help of its loyal community, dedicated miners and volunteer development team. Indeed, the BTCS blockchain has been mined, confirmed and updated continuously since its genesis block nearly six years ago. In 2014, we released our Vanity Voting White paper to decentralize Bitcoin development and in 2015 we released a separate blockchain voting client called CryptoVoter.

Then in 2017, the Bitcoin-sCrypt community announced a Revival which included updating the block consensus algorithm from a pure a Proof-of-Work algo (POW) to a hybrid Proof-of-Stake/Proof-of-Work algo (POS/POW) to help decentralize BTCS mining by allowing coin holders to assist the network by staking coins to confirm blocks and generate new BTCS coins for their efforts.

In 2018, the development team, lead by Spidersbox, successfully completed the migrations to the improved hybrid POW/POS consensus algo. Since then, POS users have been generating new BTCS coins by staking their coins in the wallet client and helping secure the network in addition to our POW miners.

Now in 2019, the development team is planning on adding new functionality directly to the BTCS wallet client to allow for decentralized non-persistent messaging and decentralized blockchain voting directly from the BTCS wallet client. This would allow the BTCS wallet client to enable users to send messages to other BTCS wallets in a completely decentralized and censorship free manner world-wide. Additionally, we will add vanity voting directly to the BTCS wallet so users can use the wallet client to vote on BTCS development and governance issues in a decentralized manner similar to shareholder voting. The future will be decentralized…

More details can be found in a Roadmap to be released at a later date.


As most of you have probably heard, the Cryptopia Exchange will be shutting their doors for good. According to Cryptopia, the exchange will be liquidated and they will attempt to return user’s coins but cannot confirm whether users will get all of their previous holdings.

We do not have any other information so users are advised to contact Cryptopia to get the latest information. The Cryptopia Liquidation FAQ can be found here:


In response to the closing of Cryptopia, we are putting together a community-drive to get Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) listed on more higher volume exchanges.

While some exchanges will list for free, others require a payment in BTC in order to list Bitcoin-sCrypt. As such, we will be starting a donation drive to collect funds to have Bitcoin-sCrypt listed on new Exchanges.

Regarding crypto-exchanges:

First, BTCS is currently being traded on the TradeSatoshi, NovaExchange and FreiExchange crypto-exchanges.

Second, an application for BTCS to be listed on Binance has been submitted by Smokeasy. According to Binance, 98% of application coins do not get listed so we are crossing our fingers.

Third, NovaExchange and Frei Exchange recently added BTCS. Special thanks to CMinor and BlueWhale for their assistance.

Fourth, STEX Exchange will list new coins for a 2 BTC listing fee (or 10 BTC if Bitcoin-sCrypt is to be listed against FIAT trading pairs instead of just crypto trading pairs).

Fifth, Crex24 Exchange will list new coins for a 0.2 BTC listing fee.

Sixth, CryptoBridge Exchange will list new coins for a 2.5 BTC listing fee.

ACCORDINGLY, the Bitcoin-sCrypt community is putting together a donation drive to raise funds to be listed on additional exchanges. The STEX exchange will be our first exchange listing target. Donations can be anonymously made by sending coins to the following address:

BTC Donations: 143E8DApvL4QmkTwrTxbK1GV55DP6MCyna

Bitcoin sCrypt exists because of our wonderful community so please consider making a small donation for the BTCS Exchange drive to the address above. All donations in excess of exchange listing fees will be dedicated to BTCS marketing efforts.

Remember, the Bitcoin sCrypt community counts on people like you.


NOTE: We do not vouch for the legitimacy of any exchanges.
Use centralized crypto-exchanges at your own risk.