Bitcoin sCrypt v.1.2.0 Released

I fixed some outstanding issues with the client in version 1.2.0.


1) Fixed the issue with the initial blockchain download allowing for complete download of the blockchain from scratch.

2) Added node: to the source as a seed node allowing for much better connects without editing the conf file or using –addnode.

3) Added checkpoints at the 0, 11111, 33333, 55555 and 60000 block heights to create static checkpoints and better secure the blockchain.

4) Enabled the QR generator so now the client can generate QR codes.

5) Enabled the Windows Installer and the daemon.

6) Fixed the yml files in ../contrib/gitian-descriptors so the gitian builds work like a charm

7) Created step-by-step directions on creating a gitian build for windows so that anyone can compile the windows client from the source-code and compare their files’ checksum hashes with other user’s.

8) Changed the logo to reflect Bitcoin sCrypt instead of Bitcoin 2.