Bitcoin-sCrypt Wallet Mandatory Update


The Bitcoin-sCrypt development team has made some updates to the wallet client that will require a mandatory upgrade to the latest client v.  Everyone must upgrade their client before blockheight 3,000,000.

The following client upgrades were made:

  • Added moneysupply to getinfo API call (wallet will need to be re-synced from zero to function properly)
  • Added checkpoints
  • Added blockheight to main screen on QT Wallet
  • Added QT based updater
  • Added to dnsseed – to use at a later date
  • Set Proof-of-Stake rewards to match Proof-of-Work rewards
  • Set fork to block 3,000,000 for POS reduction

The latest BTCS Windows wallet client can be found here:

The latest BTCS Mac wallet client can be found here:

Thanks for your continued support and look out for additional announcements.