Bitcoin-sCrypt Successfully Hard-forks…Sustained Marketing Campaign Next


We are pleased to announce that the Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain successfully hard-forked on Monday, February 19, 2018.  This planned hard-fork will optimize the mining algorithm to allow for more consistent block confirmations.

Now that the Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain has successfully forked and the blockchain is running smoothly, we are ready to begin the first official marketing push to announce the Bitcoin-sCrypt revival to the rest of the crypto-community.

As such, in the coming weeks we will announce the beginning of an organized marketing campaign for each of the following categories:

  1. Press Releases to the major mainstream media and crypto-news outlets announcing the Bitcoin-sCrypt revival.
  2. Paid advertising campaign on financial and crypto-related websites announcing the Bitcoin-sCrypt revival.
  3. Bitcoin-sCrypt giveaway campaign
  4. Expansion of Bitcoin-sCrypt development team
  5. Expansion of Bitcoin-sCrypt marketing team
  6. Organized Social Media campaign:
    1. Telegram Campaign
    2. Twitter Campaign
    3. Facebook Campaign
    4. Reddit Campaign
    5. Bitcointalk ANN Campaign
    6. Cryptocointalk Campaign

Additionally, after the news media and social media campaigns get traction, we will be doing an organized push to get Bitcoin-sCrypt listed on more altcoin exchanges.

Specifically, we have organized the relevant altcoin exchanges into two categories:  (1) exchanges that list new coins based on popularity and (2) exchanges that require payment in order to list.  Our plan is to address the exchanges in category one first and exchanges in category two afterwards.

Finally, we are looking for people to assist in the different social media channels.  If you are interested in assisting with the Bitcoin-sCrypt marketing campaign please reach out to me (Smokeasy) via email or social media (below).

Thanks and we are excited about officially starting the marketing campaign for the revival of Bitcoin-sCrypt!



(Jim A. Joseph)
Telegram: @smokeasy
Bitcointalk: Smokeasy
Cryptocointalk: Smokeasy
Discord: @Smokeasy#7689