Final Phase 3 of Alpha-Testing Begins

We have finally entered the last and final phase of alpha-testing our decentralized blockchain voting application for Bitcoin-sCrypt on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

We expect to complete this last phase of alpha-testing in 4 weeks and are planning the official launch of blockchain voting to decentralize development for the week of June 8, 2015.

We made some major changes:

  • We moved the website server to a new permanent url
  • We made the website more user-friendly, more mobile-friendly and have updated the aesthetics as well.
  • We have also removed the password protections so anyone can access and checkout the website and client now.
  • The voting client has been updated to point to the new server (v.0.9.1) and can be downloaded from

The source-code for the voting client will be made publicly available for review when we officially launch the week of June 8, 2015, but will remain under copyright so it cannot be copied by other coins.

Finally, the alpha-test questions are scheduled to occur once-a-week on Fridays, while the official vote questions are tentatively scheduled for once-every-two-weeks on Friday. Both alpha-test questions and the official questions are currently listed on the website and in the client, along with expected voting dates for each, and noted with either a [Alpha] prefix or a [Official] prefix, respectively.

Please check out the website and test the voting client by participating in the final remaining alpha-test questions and share any feedback, bug reports or concerns with us here: