New Blockchain Wallet Functionality Coming to the Bitcoin-sCrypt Altcoin (BTCS): Blockchain Voting and Censorship-Resistant Messaging

New blockchain wallet functionality and exchange listings are coming for the Bitcoin-sCrypt Altcoin (BTCS).

The Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) community is pleased to announce new development and marketing initiatives, which include the release of new development features (e.g., blockchain voting and censorship-resistant messaging), the creation of an official Bitcoin-sCrypt marketing team and an official exchange listing drive to increase the number of exchanges trading Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS).

Since our release of Staking functionality in the latest major update, Bitcoin-sCrypt users have been generating new BTCS for themselves by staking their BTCS coins to help the network.  As such, the Bitcoin-sCrypt Altcoin (BTCS) has been utilizing a hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to secure transactions on the blockchain.

Now the Bitcoin-sCrypt team is working on adding new exciting functionality to the Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain wallet.


Upcoming Bitcoin-sCrypt Wallet Development

We are currently working on adding decentralized blockchain voting and censorship-resistant messaging directly to the Bitcoin sCrypt wallet client.  Soon, community members will be able to vote on development issues using their cryptocoins and will be able to send censorship-resistant messages directly from the wallet client.

Censorship-resistant messaging functionality will allow users to send unfiltered messages to other users directly in the BTCS wallet client.  The censorship-resistant messaging functionality will be released in two phases.  An initial centralized test phase followed by the final release of decentralized censorship-resistant functionality.

The decentralized voting functionality will allow users to vote on development issues directly within the Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet.  Bitcoin-sCrypt’s plan to decentralize development by allowing users to vote on development issues has been a long-term goal and the Bitcoin-sCrypt team is excited about the new features to come.


Official Assembly of a Bitcoin-sCrypt Marketing Team

In response to the increased community interest in the Bitcoin-sCrypt Altcoin (BTCS), the Bitcoin-sCrypt team will be putting together an official Bitcoin-sCrypt marketing team to take responsibility for Bitcoin-sCrypt’s marketing efforts.   Since Bitcoin-sCrypt’s genesis block, marketing has been purely word-of-mouth, and now the community is excited to finally have a dedicated team to assist with social media marketing, crypto-forum postings (like bitcointalk and cryptocointalk), and to lead exchange listing drives to have Bitcoin-sCrypt listed on more crypto-exchanges.

As such, the Bitcoin-sCrypt community is pleased to announce JJ-Dutch as the new chair of the Bitcoin-sCrypt marketing team.  JJ-Dutch has been involved in crypto, generally, and Bitcoin-sCrypt, specifically, for many years and the community is excited to have him aboard to lead our efforts.

Further, membership in the Bitcoin-sCrypt marketing team will be opened up to community members in the coming months.

We are super excited about the times to come for new blockchain development features for the Bitcoin-sCrypt Altcoin (BTCS)!


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