Pre-release of Updated Bitcoin-sCrypt Wallet Client


We are pre-releasing v.1.5.0 of the Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client today.  This release is not a fork and is not mandatory.

Next week, we will officially release our Roadmap, an updated website and v.1.6.0 of the Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client, which includes Komoto Gravity Well to fix the difficulty retargeting issue (and will be a mandatory update and hard-fork).

Updates in v.1.5.0
New logo and splash
Added Check/Repair wallet functionality
Added ZapWalletTxes functionality
Added Coin Control

Updates in v.1.6.0 (mandatory hard-fork)
Komoto Gravity Well difficulty retargeting algorithm

Important Upcoming Dates
Jan 15 – Pre-release of v.1.5.0 of BTCS Wallet
Jan 22 – Official release of Roadmap, v.1.6.0 of BTCS Wallet and revised website
Feb 19 – Mandatory hard-fork to fix difficulty retargeting issue (v.1.6.0) takes effect

Additional information regarding the upcoming move from pure Proof-of-Work to to a Proof-of-Stake hybrid and the addition of voting functionality to the wallet client will be discussed in the Roadmap released next week.

The latest Bitcoin-sCrypt wallet client can be downloaded from: