Results of First Official Blockchain Vote and BTCS added to Exchange


We have two pieces of fantastic news to share with the community!

First, the first official Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain vote this past weekend was held successfully with no known issues or hang-ups. On the question of whether to change the current Bitcoin-sCrypt logo and replace it with bounty-driven logo contest won by a wide-margin of 98% voting to change the logo, while less than 2% voted to keep it as is.

Second, Bitcoin-sCrypt won the coin voting to be added to the Cryptopia exchange this past weekend. Voting was extremely close with it everything coming down to the final few minutes. Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen.

We are pleased to be added to Cryptopia because that exchange has a very active community and, notably, incorporates a novel altcoin tipping bot through its chat system. Additionally, Cryptopia provides other altcoin hosting services, such as mining services, blockchain explorers and altcoin marketplace, so we are excited to be join Cryptopia and we encourage everyone to join too.

The next Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain vote scheduled for October 16, 2015, is expected to be the most controversial to-date, as Bitcoin-sCrypt coin-holders will vote on whether or not to rebrand Bitcoin-sCrypt by changing its name and adopting a new identity entirely.

While the third Bitcoin-sCrypt blockchain vote was initially intended to allow the users to decide whether to change Bitcoin-sCrypt’s coin code, that vote will now be pushed back to allow the resolution of the name change vote first.

Other user-submitted voting questions being considered for future blockchain voting include whether to: switch to proof-of-stake; adopt transaction anonymity; add multi-coin functionality to the wallet; and shift development to focus on mobile-based payment processing solutions.

More exciting Bitcoin-sCrypt development news to come, but the next thing on our plate is to decide whether to change Bitcoin-sCrypt’s name through the next blockchain vote.