Vanity Voting Proof of Concept – Example Referendum

  • An Easy Vanity Voting question has 3 parts: (1) the question, (2) potential answer choices and (3) Blockheight deadline (+ confirmation).
  • In this example we have 31 users using 100 coins to vote on a question 11 with 6 possible answers (100 coins were used to have round numbers).


Question 11: What type of mining equipment should the proof-of-work mining algorithm focus on?

  • 1Q11AA – CPU’s
  • 1Q11BB – Abaci’s
  • 1Q11CC – FPGA’s
  • 1Q11DD – GPU’s
  • 1Q11EE – ASIC’s
  • 1Q11ZZ – None of the above or Protest vote

Blockheight deadline: 72800 + 30 confirmations



By visiting and entering the Voting question prefix (1Q11), block-height deadline (72800) and the required number of confirmations (30), we get the following results:


1Q11 Results

Accordingly, 31 users voted on Question 11 with answer choice DD (GPU’s) winning by receiving 51% of total votes cast.


A full explanation of Vanity Voting can be found here.

Vanity Voting Instructions can be found here.

Original post can be found here.