Vanity Voting Instructions

Simple instructions for Smokeasy’s Proof-of-Stake Vanity Voting System:

  1. Download and install the Bitcoin sCrypt client
    1. Windows
    2. Linux
    3. Mac OS X
  2. Download the Vanity Address Generator
    1. Windows
    2. Source code on Github with Linux and Mac OS X Makefiles
  3. Use the Vanity Address Generator to create an address with firstbits matching the answer desired (e.g., 1Q11AA).
    1. $command-line> vanitygen 1Q11AA
    2. Process may take upto 10 minutes to generate a public address / private key pair
  4. Import the private key generated by the Vanity Address Generator into your Bitcoin sCrypt client
    1. Enter Bitcoin sCrypt console mode from within client (Help->Debug Window->Console)
    2. In console, type “importprivkey <bitcoin scrypt private key>”   (replacing <bitcoin scrypt private key> with private key generated in step 3 above)
    3. Confirm Vanity Voting public address is listed in Address Book.
  5. Send coins to the Vanity Voting address to execute vote before voting deadline and keep them there for required number of confirmations
  6. View real-time results by visiting the Bitcoin sCrypt vote explorer.



Special thanks to Artiface for developing the Bitcoin sCrypt vote explorer.