Vanity Voting Update – January 12, 2015


We wanted to share a major update with the Bitcoin sCrypt community regarding the development of the voting client.

The Diremar Software Agency states that the will meet their deadline for completing the voting client for January 25, 2015, and we will being alpha-testing once the client is ready for release. Accordingly, we will be sending PM’s to the alpha-testing group this week to give them a heads up about testing and about the new client.

Once alpha-testing begins, we will re-release the vanity voting roadmap and start reaching out to various outlets in the cryptocoin community (including media, forums and exchanges) in preparation for the official implementation of decentralized development of Bitcoin sCrypt through vanity voting.

Finally, in the coming weeks we will also begin reaching out to various members of the Bitcoin sCrypt community to assist us in this monumental effort to put development back into the hands of the community.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support and we look forward to affecting real change in the cryptocoin-world.