Major News Developments for Bitcoin-sCrypt…


Welcome to another installment of the Bitcoin-sCrypt weekly update. This week we have three pieces of big news for the Bitcoin-sCrypt community!

First of all, we are proud to finally announce that we have officially hired our first set of outside developers to complete the voting client for our project to decentralize development through blockchain voting.

As promised, we secured development timetables from them to share with the community.

Outside Development Group 1 for Phase 1: Diremar SW Agency
Projected Timetables: 8 weeks to complete project with 1 week off for Christmas.
Estimated completion date: Monday, January 26, 2014.

We are awaiting confirmation from the second outside development group, who will also be developing a separate voting client for this Phase 1 and we will share their info and timetables once we confirm the information with them.

At the end of Phase 1, the group with the best voting client will selected to complete the Phase 2 website.

Second of all, Bitcoin-sCrypt has moved to the top of voting for the Cryptofolio Portfolio site and will be added soon. h/t to cryptominer.

Last of all, we are a few days from the coin’s first halving of the mining reward from 50 coins per block to 25 coins per block at block 210,000, and are excited to finally hit this milestone.

Thanks to everyone and we will update again as soon as the second outside development group is confirmed.